The bassoon bass duo of Paul Hanson and Ariane Cap

Austrian Ariane Cap is a multi instrumentalist, educator and composer. An eclectic and versatile bassist she has covered many styles, from Jazz, to Folk and Flamenco (Muriel Anderson), to classical music (The Mozart Band), African (The Palm Wine Boys), Celtic (Tempest), Disco (Generation Esmeralda), Blues (Lara Price), Pop (Keith Olsen) to Punk Rock (The Sippy Cups) and Cirque du Soleil.

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Paul Hanson is a Bay Area-bred world-renowned jazz bassoonist and saxophonist known for his diverse career with artists such as Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Cirque Du Soleil, DAVKA,  St Josephs Ballet, Zenith Patrol, The Klezmorim, Paul Dresher Ensemble, Jonas Hellborg, Dennis Chambers, Eddie Money (sax soloist on "Take Me Home Tonight") and Boz Scaggs .

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OoN as film music - a few of the tracks from the CD Polaris got selected to be part of a documentary by Deborah Kauffman and Alan Snitow, called "Company Town".

A 2 minute trailer is up on this website, featuring a track by Paul
Paul Hanson from Rite of Scorpio, with Derek Jones on bass:

Here is a trailer:

Together they are
a unique blend of fresh sounds
at times meditative and peaceful
at times passionate, raging and distorted
always melodic
always groovy

Ariane Cap Paul Hanson Oon

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Photography: SN Jacobson
Styling: Diana Braulik